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Image by Ali Inay
LakeRidge Eternal Friend Daisy Marie

Daisy is the Daughter of Country's Distinctive Charm Sugar and a Great Granddaughter of the Legendary Rutland Manor's Baby Joey.


Daisy, out of all of dogs, has a zest for life. She is happy doing anything and everything as long as she is with her family. Daisy's guardian family says "if you cannot find Daisy, just look up". Daisy is their "little mountain lion" as she is affectionally described.  It is undeniable how graceful and athletic she is. By far, Daisy can outswim any other dog in our program. She is loyal, loving and a perfect size. Daisy has the large dog syndrome and is very protective of her family. She has a gorgeous easy to maintain red fleece wavy coat. Daisy is a daughter from our first litter with Sugar. Sugar has produced all therapy and service dog prospects and we expect the same from Daisy.

Size: 30 lbs


Hips - Good

Elbows - Normal

Patellas - Normal

Cardiac - Normal

CAER Eyes - Normal

Genetic - CBP

LakeRidge Uptown Girl Madison Avenue "Maddy"

Maddy is one of just a rare few in the country who has remained the exact color as the day she was born.  This was the goal with her litter and it was surely achieved as she has not faded. She has the most gorgeous deep dark chocolate coat that literally feels like a silk blouse when you pet her. She is one of our many forever dogs. She is extremely affectionate. Maddy's favorite activity is swimming. She is an incredible swimmer!! Just like all our other dogs, she loves her bacon scented balls that squeak. Maddy is a pure pleasure to bathe, groom, brush and has wonderful manners. Maddy makes incredible eye contact with me. She is a very fast runner, yet light on her fight. Her crushed velvet, show stopping, easy to maintain wavy fleece coat will facilitate some dynamite litters. Maddy carries the parti gene from her father and it is possible she carries for roan as well. Maddy is very sweet, gentle and seems to latch on to our up and comers and take over the protective role of looking out for them. If you have a need for a therapy or service dog, Maddy comes from a long line of dogs behind her who have produced many working service and therapy dogs.

Size: 44 lbs


CAER Eyes - clear

Genetic - CBP


Lucy came to us as a puppy from Country Labradoodles. It was mid-summer, and one of her favorite activities, besides finding frogs to befriend, was to chase fireflies, hence her name. Lucy reminds us of a horse when it gallops. She is so graceful, fluid in movement, athletic, and light on her feet. She is kind, selfless, loving, and loyal to the core, everything we could hope her offspring to be like. Lucy has the small dog syndrome. She loves to be held and will try her hardest to get her entire body on your lap. She is adaptable to any situation but is happiest with her family, and, of course, with her best pal, Daisy. Lucy will never barge inside a house. She always requires a personal invite. Her manners are quite impeccable, and we adore her. Lucy has a very impressive pedigree complimented with a pennhip in the 90th percentile. Her last litter exceeded our expectations. We kept an apricot female from that litter who has so many of the same mannerisms that Lucy has. It is just incredible! 

Country Chasing Fireflies Lucy

Size: 60 lbs

OFA Hips - Good

Elbows - Normal

Patellas - Normal

Pennhip - L ).32 R ).32 90%

Cardiac - Normal

CAER Eyes - Normal

Genetic - CBP

WALA AVID 603 011 894





Retired Dogs



Country Distinctive Charm 


Sugar has my heart. Never thought I would be saying this but she is my favorite. She had 3 beautiful litters for us. She is INCREDIBLY intuitive, has a chalk white, wavy fleece coat and we have really enjoyed watching her just be a dog. She has put in her dues and by age 5, we like to retire our girls. Sugar absolutely LOVES to be groomed. When I am grooming another dog, she will patiently sit or lay and look at me with those brown soulful eyes as if she is saying "is it my turn yet?" She loves to be brushed and doted on. She is our little diva. At bedtime, our dogs snuggle up with me on my bed and each other. The love and trust they all have towards me and one another is undeniable. 

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