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Image by Aaron Burden
Caramel Parti Australian Labradoodle side profile
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About Us

chocolate Australian Labradoodle puppy enjoying a stroll through the snow

We are a small, family-run operation located in quintessential Northeast CT situated on just over an acre overlooking Quinebaug Lake. Our love for labradoodles began decades ago with the purchase of Jackson. Jackson was my personal service dog who was incredibly easy to train. He had the desire to want to have many jobs. His personality mimicked that of a human. He was so intuitive and easy to love.


After years of research and hundreds of emails and phone conversations, Lakeridge Labradoodles began. Our goal is to strive to breed the highest quality Australian Labradoodles, with the health and temperament of our dogs being the utmost importance.  Our focus will always be producing both therapy and service dog prospects from each litter. We want to pass on our passion and share our love for the breed with other families so they too can fall in love.


All of our breeding dogs are very carefully selected and extensively health tested to ensure we are offering the healthiest puppies for your family. Radiographs taken by our Reproduction Specialist are sent to OFA for hips, elbows and pennhip. Our dogs have prelims done right around 9-12 months of age. Once they turn 2 years old, we also do finals on every dog. Each of our active breeding dogs has their eyes tested annually. We also do a full genetic panel on each of our dogs to ensure they are not carriers for a wide range of diseases. We are proud members of both ALAA and WALA and exceed the expectations they set forth on breeding dogs. We have been awarded an Excellent Status by Good Dog due to our standard of testing and how we raise and prepare our litters. We believe in being extremely transparent. We are the only Australian Labradoodle Breeder who offers a 5 year warranty. That is how confident we are and how selective we are when choosing who we keep in our breeding program.

Our dogs live with us and are part of our family forever, even once retired. We love to snuggle up with our dogs in our bed. They are allowed free reign of our home. We have a half acre fenced-in area where they enjoy a good game of fetch and can often be found romping through the snow in the winter months or basking in the sunshine during the summer months. We have implemented Guardian Families into our breeding program because we feel strongly that every dog deserves to live their best life. We socialize our dogs by taking them hiking, boating, swimming, walks alongside the Quinebaug River, and many times, to Lowe’s, the bank, and post office! Our dogs are very well known in town and loved by all!

Image by Andrew Neel
Lakeridge Labradoodles ALAA badge
Lakeridge Labradoodles Good Dog affiliation
OFA and Lakeridge Labradoodles
Image by Emma Harper
Australian Labradoodle providing comfort
"When a breeder entrusts you with one of their babies, you receive a piece of their heart and a part of their legacy."
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